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About Us

Innovation Team (iTeam) is a non-for profit social enterprise that applies technology in solving critical problems in today’s changing society especially in Liberia. We create initiatives, solutions and strategies that break barriers and accelerate wide spread change. With the help of technology, we champion ideas that are educative, friendly, realistic, understandable and more besides entirely applicable to every society.

Hopeful Dreams

Our Mission

To persistently create new solutions via technologies that advance social change.

Our Vision

To build a community of innovators where society benefits the most from social development.

---Our Approach---

We strive to apply the right strategy and approach in achieving our objectives

Innovation & Education

We believe in the power of innovation to change the way we do things. In this regard, we apply knowledge and skills to create new ideas or methods that directly impact the wider society. We strive to build the tech space of Liberia; putting young people particularly women and girls in the driving seat.

Good Governance & Society

ITeam works with government institutions to deploy faster, easier and affordable innovative platforms for social good. In short, we create innovative ideas and build sustainable technological infrastructures that promote good governance which in return gives the country a positive image.

Tech & Social Entrepreneurship

Under this initiative, we bring together creative thinkers, technologists and social entrepreneurs under an open living lab called e-Hub. Our innovators at eHub are mostly young men and women who love doing things very differently to challenge the status quo to bring change and accelerate growth.


Being a development focused platform, using an effective advocay remains one of our top priority and critical strategy tht integrates nicely to our existence. The ability to positively impact and influence individuals and organizations alike, is our sole purpose.

Sustainable Development

We are in the sole business of providing sustainable development which advocates for a sustaining definite resources needed to provide the necessary needs for the future generation of the country.

Global partnership

We hope to attract global partnerships which will help us actualize our objectives and help play a significant role in the development of underserved communities and the nation at large through the use of information technology.

---Our Initiatives---

We are constantly seeking ways to improve lives and help shape the nations development through the use of technological advocacy. Our initiatives covers the three core of our mission, Education, Human Capacity Building and Civic Engagement.

Our Belief System

We believe as africans, especially as liberians, we have the drive to solve our problems through the application of good policies and technology.

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